Editing (English)
Editing involves a close and careful review of a text with the aim of checking and correcting overall consistency. This applies not only to content but also to form (such as paragraphs, stylistic conventions), terminology and grammar. Editing is usually required for larger projects (books, company advertising material, etc.) where the overall impression is of utmost importance.

Please enquire for hourly rates.

Translations (German – English)
Every text is different. In other words, every text takes a different amount of time to translate depending on how complex it is, how much specialized vocabulary is required and whether background preparation/research is necessary.

Please enquire for rates per standard line (55 characters including spaces).

Proofreading/Correction (English)
Proofreading/correction is a less intensive process than editing and hence usually requires less time. Here it is a matter of reading the text through fairly quickly and correcting obvious mistakes.

Rates: on request